Science - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

It's fair to say that there is a battle going on right now against science. The current administration has taken steps to silence various government agencies from discussing their work. There has been official stops in communications from the Park services, the EPA, and many divisions within other agencies. Issues like climate change, and renewable energies, are being wiped from record. While it's hard to know how long this practice will go on, the fact that it's actually happening is scary enough.

I will always support science and critical thinking. As, I try to figure out how to do my part during these tumultuous times, I will work with what I know. I'm going to start small, and hopefully build towards something impactful. My first step is to focus on facts, by supporting the scientific community through museum visits, donations, and redistributing of science-based information (articles, tweets, etc.). 

So, here are some pictures of my recent visit the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I mean, look at this place. It's such an amazing facility! You can go there and learn amazing things (facts!).   An afternoon at the museum is a fun experience with so many positive effects: it puts money towards the sciences, educates the public, raises awareness for museums and science centers. I really suggest you check it out for yourself.