Around this time each year, Pure Cycles heads to the desert. We pack our cars, trucks, and vans to capacity, and head out like a caravan of nomadic wanderers. We point our compass east, and set a course for the oasis of debauchery know as Las Vegas. That's because, for 3 magical days in September, the bike industry comes together in a giant marketing storm known as Interbike. 

Each show, we put together a booth of amazing proportions, trying to out-do the designs of years past. We plan for months in advance, designing and fabricating our show plot with meticulous thought and care. The process is as intense, as it is rewarding. This year, however, we flipped the script, and went... smaller. 

Rather than the 20 foot truss system, and the 120 feet of banners, and the fabricated walls and doors, we tried a different approach. This years booth was to be a lighter, more nimble experience, physically and visually.

Drawing on the idea of actually riding a bike (as opposed to presenting stationary bikes in a pretty booth), we wanted to bring the outdoors inside. So, we went pretty literal, and chose to execute on a National Parks theme for our spot. We pulled our resources together, grabbed all of our camping gear, and set up our little booth. Tents, grass, wood furniture, and beer all made for a very familiar experience. This all happened to coincide very well with the Nationals Parks Foundations centennial anniversary. 

Fingers crossed, we hoped for it to come together cohesively. We not only met that expectation, but exceeded it with flying colors. Our three days were filled with smiles, compliments, and questions on how we pulled it all off. Our booth became the go-to photo spot for roaming patrons. We partnered with Interbike to be the official "Dealer Lounge" of the show. Our relaxing setup made for a comforting lounge for sure. 

One of the main focal points of the booth, was the sign, greet which greeted visitors at our booth entrance. While initially brainstorming booth ideas, we felt that we needed one main piece to send the idea home. That piece turned out to be a National Parks inspired sign. Modeled after the signs of parks such as Zion, Arches, and Glacier, this classic shape conjured memories of camping trips past. It was a last minute addition, which tied the room together. Though this labour of love consumed my weekend, the results made it all worth it.

Check out some pictures of the fabrication process below, as well as the photos I snapped on the drive up to Vegas.