External Tank #94

Yesterday, the city LA gave the right-of-way to the world's slowest driver. This driver just happen to be a 15 story piece of space history.  

The External Tank #94, The only remaining external fuel tank in exsistence, is 66,000 pound remnant of the shuttle program. It was designed to carry 1.6 million pounds of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen. This gargantuan piece of engineering had already made a 4,400 mile trip to Marina Del Rey. The final 16.5 mile of the journey had to weave the tank through the narrow streets of Los Angeles.

The LA Times has a cool piece on the move. Check it Out.

Also, a big shout out to the team who moved this metal monster. The men and women of the transport team did an amazing job of navigating the tank through the city. They were cool, calm, friendly, and excited, making the experience great for everyone.