Things to Buy: Skateboards

There are few things in life that can truly make you look cool. A well-fitted leather jacket can make you look pretty cool. A motorcycle (model depending) equals cool. Cigarettes make you look pretty damn cool. Another purchase that helps in the cool department: A skateboard.

While skateboards can definitely make for a great accessory (if that's what you're looking for), they also happen to work pretty well for transportation, and they're a hell of a lot of fun to ride too. Here are a few companies who are making cruisers, kickers, and longboards that stand out from the crowd. 



Almond is, first and foremost, a surf brand. They offer a wide range of surfboards, and casual lifestyle apparel. But, they also make some crazy rad skateboards as well. Partnering with Costa Mesa-based Skakastics, these folks turned out some of the best looking boards of the bunch. Simple, clean, and practical, these little boards have style for days. They've also been a little hard to come by. This is probably because they are handmade, hand-screen printed, and look like perfection.

Check em' out HERE


Hess is another company with strong ties to the surfing community. They craft a wide range of different surfboard shapes, as well as some cool looking hand planes (for the body surfers out there). Since they're producing such beautiful looking surf equipment, it only seems natural that they'd throw in some high-quality skateboards as well. I'm glad they did, because these decks are solid.

These 9-ply designs incorporate a variety of different woods, such as: Fir, Cherry, Walnut and Poplar. A Linseed, Tung Oil, and Beeswax finish really makes em' shine. Built as completes, these decks use some high quality hardware, for an amazing ride.

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Based in Nashville, TN, Salemtown Board Co. is a company that has heart. With only a few bucks and a dream, Salemtown set out to change the world around them, by reaching out to the neighboring community. Owner Will Anderson began employing the area's at-risk youth, and teaching them the ways of a wood shop. Through the production of these quality boards, Anderson is instilling the principles of hard work and discipline to his team. 

I can attest to the quality of these boards, as I am the proud owner of a Salemtown Longboard (and shirt). I feel great about my purchase, and so will you.

Buy one HERE



I mean... c'mon. Just look at these things. They are fuckin' amazing! I want one in Pigeon Grey. Wait, I NEED one in Pigeon Grey. Definitely one of my next purchases.

From the Almond webpage: "Made from 100% walnut top and bottom veneers, sandwiching layers of maple veneer. They feature a slight kick in the tail for added control when shredding.  The top deck has spray-on clear grip tape, almost invisible, allowing the walnut wood to be seen through.  

Available as a complete skateboard (includes all hardware and wheels).  

22" length  |  Made in California."

I will be buying one HERE



Don't see a skateboard you like? Fuck it, make your own. No really, make your own. I'm serious.

Don't know how? That's where Sk8Makers comes in. Matt Berger (the man with the plans), will help you bring your dream to life. By providing the materials, and the build instructions, Sk8Makers can turn your custom board idea, into a custom board reality. Sk8Makers offers a number of dofferent packages, which have (almost) everything you need to make your very own custom board. You can pretty much make any shape / size / style that you can think of. Also, Matt is a super nice dude.

How do I know this, you ask? Because I've actually made a board with Sk8Makers. Believe me, it's easier than you think, and more fun that you know.

You could make this. Buy the materials at

You could make this. Buy the materials at

You could make this too. Buy the materials at

You could make this too. Buy the materials at

Check em' out HERE

Have a company that you think I should check out? Let me know. Email me your favorite skateboard manufacturer, or leave a comment below.