Things to Buy: Eleanor Pritchard Wool Blanket

It's no secret that I really want an Eleanor Pritchard blanket. I mean, I REALLY want one. I love them all, it's too hard to choose. So... let's start with this one

This is an Eleanor Pritcard Woll Blanket for Kaufman Mercantile. This is a "reversible blanket with white design on a dark navy background, and finished with a mustard whipstitch". Like all things of quality, it comes with a heftier price tag. You can pick one up for a cool $560.00. If this was a bit too steep, you'd probably be perfectly happy with...

This beauty, the CANASTA. Woven in wool yarn, this comes in a Scarlett and charcoal, with black and white fleck. The 150cm x 180cm version can be yours for $240.00. While you're at it., pick up the matching cushion as well.

The 405 Line is pretty amazing as well. According to the Eleanor Pritchard site: "This monochrome reversible design references early television technology and draws its name from the number of scanning lines per inch for analogue black and white TV transmission." That's pretty cool.